You learn something new every day, huh?

The author, 'King of Horror', and Maine native Stephen King didn't just stop at writing terrifying films for the world.

He's actually written for Playboy a few times. Did you know that?

Years ago, Stephen wrote a poem in a 2009 Playboy magazine called, "The Bone Church" which, according to, is a "narrative about an ill-fated jungle expedition."

That's a 180 from writing horror novels if I've ever seen one.

As quoted, King's surprising pop-up in Playboy was

"...a very rare outing as a poet."

His involvement with the magazine didn't stop there.

Going even further back, King also wrote a short story called "The Word Processor" in January 1983.

According to, the story he wrote was "the earliest fictional treatment of word processing by a prominent literary author."

The story got its name when King wrote it on a Wang, which is a mini-computer from way back in the day that almost resembles a typewriter.

From there, King actually re-titled his short story to "Word Processor Of The Gods", which, yes, was published in Playboy Magazine.

You can even check out an archive version of the 1983 interview with Stephen King from Playboy here.

King has had a number of other short stories in the magazine, including "Mute," "Willa," and "The Music Room."

Did you ever read them when they were in Playboy? Did you even know Stephen King was in the magazine?

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