There are a ton of movie and television adaptations based on Stephen King's works.

In fact, you may have even spotted the Maine native cameo in some of those works.

He's popped up a few times in various small roles over the years, including the diner patron on "Mr. Mercedes" and "Under the Dome," as Johnny B. Goode on "Kingdom Hospital," Teddy Weizak on "The Stand," or more recently, the shopkeeper in "It Chapter Two."

But there was one show in 2010 on FX he appeared that had nothing to do with his own stories and novels. That would be "Sons of Anarchy."

Only known as Bachman (likely named after Stephen King's pen name of Richard Bachman), King showed up in one episode of the Charlie Hunnam biker series. It was on the third episode of the third season.

Bachman is brought in for the scene to deal with a dead body. Surprised by the role he played?

According to the Guardian, he took the role when the show's creator, Kurt Sutter, reached out to him and told him he could ride a Harley-Davidson in a scene if he wanted to be on an episode. So King took it.

Sometimes you just want to ride a motorcycle on camera.

Check out the clip of his appearance here.

His appearance on the show was a one-time thing as he never appeared again through the rest of the series.

Who knows. Maybe King will take on another role in the future that doesn't involve his popular material. Be on the lookout!

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