In episode two of 'Welcome to Maine' Mark and Troy tour the desert of Maine.


Troy and Mark are actually local comedians James Theberge and Ian Stuart. Written, directed and edited by Ian.

Did you enjoy your history lesson about the Desert of Maine? My favorite part was at the end when Troy describes the gift shop at the desert of Maine. He says it will make 'the Cracker Barrel look like a Biddeford Dollar Store.' Look for Troy and Mark releasing a new video every so often. They've covered the Portland Headlight and coming episodes will include, The Moxie Plant, The Lobster Pound, LL Bean and many of the fun attractions and tourist destinations Maine has to offer.

James and Ian perform on The Maine Comedy All Stars shows together and can be found weekly at Stroudwater Distillery every Thursday at 7pm for live, socially distanced, stand up comedy. Hey Bub...they ah wicked funny!



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