Yes!  As strange as it sounds, a woman was once found guilty of speeding for going 45 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone.

According to the December 7th, 1953 issue of the Daily Kennebec Journal, the woman had been involved in a November crash in a 45 mile per hour zone on Augusta's North Belfast Avenue.

On the evening of November 23rd, 1953, 19 year old Andrea Ward, of Belfast, was driving the fifth vehicle to become involved in the accident.

Based on what is said in the newspaper article, Miss Ward had hit a wrecker that had been turning around with a damaged vehicle in tow.  During her trial Captain Archie L. Humphrey said that the wrecker was "all lighted up" and Miss Ward should have seen it.

Ward said she did not see the wrecker because she had her lights dimmed due to the rain.  In court, she explained that she had seen a "black object in the road".

Several witnesses did say that it was raining and the roads were slippery that night.

So, what was she found guilty?  The court found that, even though the speed limit was 45 miles per hour, she should have been driving slower because of the weather conditions.

According to the Driving Laws website, Maine drivers should be driving at a:

careful and prudent speed not greater than is reasonable and proper having due regard to the traffic, surface and width of the way and of other conditions then existing.

So, what was Andrea Ward's penalty?  She was supposed to pay a $15 fine, but instead she paid $20 in bail and was to return to court in February of 1954.  After an exhausting internet search, we have not been able to find any additional references to the case.

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