Sam Ramsdell is originally from Scarborough, but recently moved to the New York City area to pursue her career as a singer, songwriter, and comedian. She also has a really big mouth. Literally.

She started gaining fame on her TikTok account, where she shared videos of just how big her mouth is, and racked up over 3.5 million followers. I mean, look at how big that mouth is. It's nearly inhuman!

The size of that mouth got the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who had her on her show and the Italian version of America's Got Talent called, you guessed it, Italy's Got Talent.

In 2021, Guinness awarded her the world record for the largest mouth gape for a female at 2.56 inches. Mouth gape is how wide you can open your mouth. It sounds small, but put a ruler up to your mouth and measure two and a half inches, and you'll see how big that really is. But Sam wasn't done breaking records.

In November of 2023, Sam got her second Guinness World Record, when she was declared to have the widest female mouth in the world. When she demonstrates how wide her mouth is, it almost looks like she's transforming it into something out of a horror movie. No offense Sam, but the first time people see you show off that wide mouth, it takes them by surprise.

If you want to see more about Sam Ramsdell and the other things she does besides showing off her massive mouth, check out her website at

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