Hanson released their new Christmas album Finally It's Christmas in October. Yes, Hanson. Get the jokes and puns about MMMBop out of your system right now because you'll be shocked by what I'm about to tell you.

Not only did Hanson release a new Christmas album this year, they've been steadily releasing new albums and touring the world since their first single dropped in 1997. The core group of fans has stayed loyal to the Hanson Fanson life since day one, and now that a new video posted by a Maine woman has gone viral on social media, more people are jumping on the Hanson train.

Michelle Stinsman is a Mainer and a "day one" Hanson fan with a tally of Hanson concerts reaching into the 100s. She and her family have toured the country and beyond to see Hanson perform. Last month, Hanson played two shows at New York City's Playstation Theater. These weren't typical Hanson shows... The setlist was filled with Christmas music.

Naturally, Michelle was at the shows and found herself up close to the stage during the acapella portion of the show. (As a Hanson fan, I know there's always an acapella portion of the show.) She captured a stellar video of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac singing a version of Joy to the World complete with foot stomps and hand claps.

In one week the video has racked up over 2.3 million views and 37,000 shares on Facebook. Hanson went viral and it's not even the late 90s anymore!

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