The ultimate in 'girl power'! The Maine Women's Fund is a public foundation that transforms the lives of Maine women and girls through strategic grantmaking, community engagement and support to nonprofit organizations dedicated to social change.

In June of 1988, a visionary group of women gathered to create what eventually became the Maine Women’s Fund. These women were convinced that they could make a significant difference in the lives of Maine women and girls through philanthropy. They believe that when Maine women and girls thrive, Maine communities prosper.

It was never a dress
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One of the organizations that has benefited from the generosity and support of the Maine Women's Fund is 'Girls on the Run'. I have to say, that meant a lot to me, as the 9 year old in the house has been in that program for two years now. Her confidence and strength has grown in leaps and bounds since joining.

Please support those that support us. We out number you - so you might as well support us women and girls. We will make the world a much better place.


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