05Slime is a big deal. So big that there is a 2 day Slime Fest in Boston put on by a Mainer.


Kayla Roberts started Style Slimes because she loves all things slime. She's not alone - so much so that there is a slime convention! What is a slime convention? It's basically a large craft fair for "slimers". Slimer's are people, mostly young adults, who make and sell slime! Slime, yes the stuff your kids beg you to let them make a mess of the house with.

Slime has become a growing trend in the past few years and it's not slowing down any time soon. Elmer's glue has even doubled its glue sales since it's the main ingredient to the sticky stuff!

Kayla Rogers
Kayla Roberts

Kayla, is an 'adult slimmer", and wanted to be involved in conventions...but wasn't allowed. So, she thought, there must be others in her position and discouraged. She wanted to showcase kids and encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. Yes! Slime is a very lucrative business - a lot of teens make tens of thousands of dollars a month selling slime! But she wanted to give slimer's at all levels a chance to shine.

So, "The Boston Slime Party" was born.Day One is already sold out - but Day Two (June 9th) still as tickets available!
The convention/Slime-a-Con/Slime Fest is in Somerville, Mass.
You may have slime still in your carpet, but you'll be thrilled when they use the money to buy their first car!

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