If the gong sounds, you're out.

That's what physical comedians Leland Faulkner of Auburn and Michael Menes of Buckfield had to keep in mind while taping their performance on ABC's revived version of 'The Gong Show' produced by Will Arnett. The wacky show is hosted by Mike Myers (impersonating a different fictional host each season) and features weird and hilarious acts from all over in an irreverent talent show. If the panel of Hollywood star judges think your act is too bizarre or just plain bad, they bang the gong and you're eliminated. The winner of the show is awarded $2,018.

Andree Kehn
Andree Kehn

Faulkner and Menes have been working together as the comedy duo SNAFU! for about three years. They've performed in festivals, theaters and other venues around the world. According to Press Herald, Juggler Menes and magician/mime Leland Faulkner don black clothing and sunglasses and appear to elongate their extremities in their act. Their episode will air on Thursday (8/2) at 8pm on ABC.

“It was all very tongue-in-cheek, done with a sense of fun. It wasn’t exactly hugely meaningful,” said Faulkner in a Press Herald interview. “It’s probably not the most important thing I’ve done, but it was a hoot.”

Press Herald reports that Menes said the trickiest part of filming was squeezing down what is normally a four-minute part of their act to 90 seconds, a requirement stipulated by 'The Gong Show'.

So, did SNAFU! get the gong or the dough? Tune in to find out at 8pm Thursday on ABC!

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