Let's add a touch of confusion to the chaos, shall we? When you venture out to the restaurants or stores as businesses reopen this week in Maine. Check your receipts; some places may slap you with a COVID19 surcharge. According to News 10 San Deigo, It is exactly what it sounds like. the expense of reopening, buying extra items such as mask gloves, sanitation equipment as well as trying to balances the books of all of the money that may have been lost due to a lack of or a scaled-back operation over the past few months, and businesses all over the country are looking for a way to supplement their losses.

Typically fees are built right into the core prices of menu or service items, so is this new? The only detail here that I take real issue with is the fact that the person who made this photo was just 'handed' this little surprise.
That would tick me right off. It reminds me of restaurants that let you order your food, and then turn around and tell you that they are cash only, and you only have a debit or Mastercard because cash is filthy.

I digress, this is the only way that some places of business see that they can rebuild, just like our taxes most likely will go up to pay for our stimulus checks next year. What are your thoughts on the new COVID fee?

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