We search for a lot of weird stuff here in Maine, but we now have official data on the most unique stuff we seem to be obsessed with. The real estate blog Estately recently published a list, based on Google Trends, that found the most unique search results for every state in America. Here's a list of the top 6 things that we search for here in Maine, but don't show up in the top results for any other state:

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    This one's a no-brainer, but it's still surprising that it comes up on the list. We google snowmobiles (or "sleds" as we call 'em) more than anyone else in America!

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    Mason Jars

    Who doesn't love a good Maine mason jar? From weddings to camping, people here in Maine LOVE to use these things!

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    Cat Food

    Maine is the oldest state in terms of population, so maybe we have more cat ladies per capita too? We need more data to know this, but it seems like a pretty safe assumption. We're also home to the world famous Maine Coons!

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    Mainahs love our boats! We're the home state of Old Town Canoes, after all!

    Old Town Canoe
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    Marijuana Seeds

    Now that marijuana is legal here in Maine, searches for seeds and grow equipment is through the roof. That's what we're telling ourselves. The reality is that this data comes from *before* legalization... so... whoops.

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    Chicken Coops

    Mainers must looooove chickens, because we search for chicken coops more than any other state. Think about this list... can you think of anything more "Maine?" Chicken coops, snowmobiles and weed seeds. Sort of makes sense, right?

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