I love Estately. They always come out with the best lists...now it's the biggest (actual size) thing in every state. For Kansas it's a serving of nachos. What's Maine's? 


In Kansas, they have the biggest serving of nachos. Makes me not want to cross off Kansas from my list of states to visit.

Here's something I'll skip. Montana has the largest testicle festival (Testy Festy). You heard me. You can't make this stuff up.

But alas, what is Maine's biggest thing?



Of course! DeLorme's revolving globe! That is pretty spiffy (almost as good as nachos).

Here's a map of what everyone has big and an even bigger list of the top biggest things. Some states have several big things. Maine just has the globe.



Thanks Estately! You have saved me from accidentally going to the Testy Festy!