In Minnesota when they are shopping online, they are Googling 'mustache wax'. Okay. What are Mainers Googling as they shop the world wide web?

You can buy some weird stuff online. So, what are we buying?

Colorado buys "Borat" mankinis more than everyone else . . . South Carolina buys adult Underoos . . . Oklahoma buys zombie survival kits . . . and Indiana buys blow-up dolls.

And Maine?

Chicken Coops

Mmmm. Okay. I do NOT want Jen finding this out. Please don't tell her that a lot of Mainers have chickens!! Other top things we Googled were:

  • marijuana seeds
  • canoe
  • cat food
  • Mason jar
  • snowmobile

Hysterical and SO Maine.

Estately used Google Trends to measure internet searches using the Google Shopping feature to find out what items each state shopped online for with more frequency than all other states during the past 12 months.

Well done Estately, because honestly - that is pretty damn spot on Maine.



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