There is a lot of need right now..and that includes our furry friends.


Nadine Molloy pointed out that so many people are doing so much to help those who are hurting. Food drives to help those thrown into food insecurity. Appreciation and support for those on the front line. But there are so many non-profits that are here to support the less fortunate, that find themselves stretched to the limit. Some small non-profits are falling through the cracks. Many of those are pet food pantries.



Pet food pantries help some of Maine's most needy by providing critical food for pets who might otherwise go hungry. If you can help, pet food pantries are experiencing an unprecedented demand for help right as donations have severely declined. Some of the pet food pantries include, No Bowl Empty Pet Food Pantry, Dogwill, Waldo County Pet Food Pantry, The Amy Buxton Pet Pantry,and Backpacks for Homeless Dogs All of them will accept donations dropped off, sent direct from Amazon or money.

There is a lot of if you can't help, it's very understandable. But if you can, know that you are saving animals who can't save themselves.



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