Saddleback Mountain, nestled in the heart of Rangeley, Maine, has always been one of the State's most favorite spots for skiing. Though not the biggest, it always had a charm about it that you just couldn't find at places like Sugarloaf or Sunday River.

I remember years ago when my fall wedding schedule would be freighted with gigs up at Saddleback and I would look forward to the drive up through Smalls Falls into the Rangeley Lakes region. However, in recent years, the mountain was closed and put up for sale. And while conflicting reports over the last couple years would lead us to believe the mountain would be reopening much sooner- the time has finally come.

The new owners are excited and ready to go. They hope to have the operation up and running by December 15th. Their website, which will help you in planning your trip amid the pandemic, should be launched by 11-23.

I would say that after five years of being shut down, winter-loving Mainers from all over the Pine Tree State are ready to see this amazing hidden gem come back to life. According to a post on the Saddleback Maine Facebook page, they've included a list of things that you should know prior to their launch. The list below as follows,

• Bring your mask, a sense of adventure and a conviction to be kind to one another.
• Access to the lodge will be limited as we start the season, so plan to be as self-sufficient as possible. (A daypack, layers and YakTrax for your ski boots to keep from slipping – available through our on-line store.)
• Planning in advance and lowering expectations about access to the lodge will be key to a stress-free experience for everyone. We’re targeting the 23rd to launch our website to help you in that planning.
• We aren’t anticipating a need to restrict access to the mountain, but you will be required to make reservations for lunch, and trust me, you’ll want to have our lunch.
We want you to trust that we have been planning to keep you as safe as possible at Saddleback so you can just stay focused on enjoying Saddleback with your family and friends. Let’s get through this season safely, as a family, and in the meantime, Casablanca Glades have been recut, the rest of the trails are as awesome as ever and our new Rangeley will get you more runs than your legs can handle.

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