Events at Fenway Park

Over the last decade or so, Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts has been home to some pretty fun events. Concerts. World Series games. Frozen Fenway where college hockey (and occasionally the Boston Bruins) teams go head-to-head on a rink that's created in the outfield.

There was even a Top Golf night last month through the dating app Bumble.

2024 Olympics in Boston

Boston is clearly a hotspot for events. In fact, remember back in 2015 when Boston was in the running to possibly host the 2024 Summer Olympics? The city put a bid in and everything, which was eventually rejected.

(Seriously though, it was probably for the best. Traffic in Boston already sucks horribly -- can you imagine if people from not just around Massachusetts or New England, but also the entire country and world were navigating the city for different events? No thanks.)

All that said, a national event may be coming back to Fenway Park for the first time in over 20 years.


MLB All-Star Game

CBS News reported that during the annual MLB Winter Meetings yesterday, it was apparently discussed to have Boston host either the 2025 or 2027 MLB All-Star Game at Fenway Park.

It'll be the fourth time in Red Sox (and Fenway) history that the All-Star Game will be played locally, with Fenway Park playing host in 1946, 1961, and 1999 according to NBC Sports.

Pedro Martinez #45
Getty Images

History was made by the Boston Red Sox at the last All-Star Game hosted at Fenway back in '99, with then-ace pitcher Pedro Martinez becoming the first-ever pitcher to start the All-Star Game by striking out the side.

According to CBS News, Pedro actually struck out five of the six batters he faced that night and went on to be named the MVP of the All-Star Game.

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