Who robs a bank in 2017? You have to know you're going to get caught right? We don't know what this guy was thinking when he robbed the Northeast Bank in Bethel Saturday morning.

According to the Sun Journal, a man entered the bank around 11AM Saturday, gave the teller a note demanding money, and got away on foot. It appears he still hasn't be apprehended, but give it time. We live in a world with cameras everywhere and banks had them first. He'll be tracked down eventually and will be deposited (get it?) in a jail cell.

And by the way, who robs a bank in Bethel? The village even. The tiny little town with only 2700 people in it that people drive through to get to Sunday River. It's the kind of place you think of that doesn't have to lock its doors. This guy is changing all that.

We hope you spend it all in one place buddy. You'll be easier to catch that way.

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