It's 2015. Why are people stupid enough to rob banks when surveillance cameras and social media are going to eventually catch them? 

Do you know this guy who thinks he's going to get away with robbing TD Bank on Congress Street on Saturday? He's in his late 40s, early 50s, wearing a red jacket with a hood and a scarf, acid-washed jeans and a tan work boots.

Acid washed jeans? 1984 is calling.

He went into the bank around 8AM, showed a handgun to the teller and demanded money. He got it and ran. Now we need to find this guy.

It really does amaze me that people still rob banks like it's the Old West. The problem is it's the 21st century. In the Old West there weren't security cameras, dye packs, GPS tracking devices, and Facebook.

In fact Portland Police are have an amazing track record for solving these robberies thanks to social media.

Let's get to it people and catch his guy. If you have any idea who he might be, please contact Portland Police.

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