Get your cat registered for the 4th Annual March Meowness to benefit HART.


What is HART?

HART stands for Homeless Animal Rescue Team. It's a shelter and adoption center in Cumberland for cats. They take care of cats and kittens that have been surrendered, abandoned, injured, or abused. Then they find the cats or kittens people in good homes that can adopt them. HART is run by volunteers and they take no public funds. It is through the generosity of people and businesses that they are able to operate.

What is March Meowness?

It's betting on adorable cats! First, they round up the 'cat-testants' with open submissions through their website. You can submit your basketball loving cat through February 15th. Truth be told, they can dislike basketball and still play. Once you submit your 'fur-friend', then you'll send in the pic that will represent your entry! The 'Cat-Testants' page is in alphabetical order. Once all the cats are in place, they are randomly seeded and the bracket is built!

Wait...MY cat can be in March Meowness?

For the past two years, HART has been pitting their 7 cats against each other in a battle of cuteness and general likability. But that changes this year. For the first time ever, anyone can enter their cat or cats into the competition!  It's totally free to register your kitty. HART makes money with the brackets that will be sold!


I'm in! How do I get a bracket?

Starting on February 15, the bracket goes on sale thanks to the Greater Windham Business Exchange who stepped up to help with such a big tournament. Once you head to their website, you'll see one thing for sale, the March Meowness Bracket. Once you buy it, you'll get a link to the brackets. You make your predictions and then sit back and root for your cat! Meow! Live voting in round one starts March 1.

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