Nothing quite compares to that feeling of driving along and then all of a sudden you see blue lights in your rearview mirror.

A lot of the time it’s not even a cop!

Sometimes it’s just a light on someone’s personal property or on a business’s LED sign. But that split second of, “OH NO!” is enough to make your heart jump in your chest, sweat, and peek at your speedometer. (Not that I would ever be speeding. Of course not. I’m a perfect law-abiding citizen…)

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Well, the Scarborough Police Department has now rolled out a new model on their lightbars and it’s a cruise mode.

They will still have the rapidly moving and flashing blue lights used while in pursuit or trying to get to an emergency, cruise mode will be different.

When cruise mode is on just the farthest two lights on the bar will be on and steady. The intention here is to increase visibility to the public whether they’re patrolling a neighborhood, sitting on the side of the road, or driving around a parking lot.

So the next time you’re headed to Walmart in Scarborough and Scarborough Police are behind you with lights on, don’t panic. Unless, of course, they’re flashing. Then you better pull over.

Officer Steve Thibodeau made a video explaining the new mode and showing the lights as an example so residents and visitors alike will understand.

To see the video CLICK HERE.

Scarborough Maine Police Department via Facebook
Scarborough Maine Police Department via Facebook

It seems like a great change and one that hopefully other local departments will use around the State of Maine in the future. (Even if it might make me panic for a split second.)

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