Maine, NH Scary Clown Sightings

Remember back in the Fall of 2016, there was a huge rage of scary, creepy clowns randomly being got on camera roaming the streets, popping up on Ring cameras, and even slowly approaching anyone that recorded them on their phones?

Although they had been spotted across the country during summer months, it was around the beginning of October when they finally began popping up in Maine and New Hampshire.

Pennywise the Clown

Originally seen as a fun, friendly way to entertain children and bring laughs and smiles, clowns turning from cheerful to fearful may have started around the time Maine's own Stephen King dropped his novel IT in September 1986, which featured the character Pennywise the Clown preying on the children of the fictitious city of Derry, Maine.

From that point on, clowns that used to be seen as harmless and friendly (like Bozo the Clown or even the McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald) began being seen in a frightful light.

Boston Clowns

Recently, there have been massive, floating clown heads randomly spotted in downtown Boston -- more specifically between a Suffolk University building and the building that housed the former nightclub FELT. via Instagram via Instagram

While they just randomly appeared one day to the confusion and terror of residents and visitors, reports that they are being displayed as part of an art series known as "Winteractive," and more massive floating clown heads will be seen popping up around other parts of the city soon.

Imagine living in a horribly over-priced, horribly compact studio apartment in Boston, looking out your window and just seeing a massive clown head looking like it's about to eat your soul? Yikes.

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