Kwame (our boss) has had 'phone dates' with Jenn, Laura and Jennifer....who will he pick?


First Kwame spoke with Laura. A self confident 35-year-old who just hasn't found love yet.

Laura Briggs

They had a great conversation...will Laura be ice skating with Kwame on Valentine's Day at the Rink at Thompson's Point?


Then Kwame had a phone date with Jenn. Jenn is an 'old soul' who is 29-years-old and pretty much pushed into entering the Q Valentine's Day Bachelor. Will Jenn have a date on Valentine's Day?

Jenn Crozier

Finally Kwame chatted with Jennifer. Jennifer is a trooper. She was a finalist last year with our other bachelor Mason. It didn't quite work out, but she is back on that horse. So to speak. Will Jennifer go on a date with Kwame and be shopping at Springer's Jewelers with her 500 dollar gift certificate?

Jennifer Beagle


Good luck to all the ladies! Kwame will call the lucky winner tomorrow on the Q Morning Show at 630 a.m.