Here's a story that you don't come across every day.

This mind-bending write up in the Bangor Daily News tells the story of a group of people, mostly farmers here in Maine, who are turning their dead pets into compost after they die.

Losing a pet is almost always incredibly hard, but this might be just as weird.

The BDN tells the story of Michelle Melaragno and her business, Compassionate Composting, where she turns animals into nutrient-rich soil and materials that can be used again.

We specialize in the respectful and dignified pick-up, handling, transport and composting of horses and other large animals after their death. Due to numerous requests, we have recently expanded our services to include smaller companion animals. We will arrange to pick up your pet from your veterinarian or directly from your home. By request, we can place your companion animal in a private burial pile and return his or her remains to you (like getting the ashes back after a private cremation) in the form of a finished soil amendment. You can use this compost product for landscaping, flower beds or in your pet's favorite field.

Would you do this with a pet or large animal that you own?

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