According to the Maine CDC's Friday update, the cumulative number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Maine is now at 28,407, an increase of 782 since Thursday. 23,803 of those cases are confirmed while 4,604 are deemed probable. There were 41 new deaths reported of individuals with COVID-19, bringing the total to 426. While the 41 new deaths are the most reported by the Maine CDC in a single day, those deaths may not have all occurred in one day.

1,150 patients have had to be hospitalized at some point. 205 are currently hospitalized with 56 in intensive care and 26 on a ventilator. There have been 11,690 completed isolations (formerly referred to as "recoveries" by the Maine CDC) an increase of 32 since Thursday. The total number of other/active cases of COVID-19, which is the number of cases remaining after deaths and recoveries are subtracted, is 16,291, an increase of 709.

Governor Janet Mills announced a new executive order December 11 requiring Mainers to wear face coverings in all indoor public spaces and prohibits owners from letting anyone in who is not wearing a face covering. The order also states that claiming a medical exemption is not an excuse to enter without a face covering.

Governor Mills has extended the State of Emergency in Maine through January 20, allowing Maine to continue to receive federal funding and use available resources to respond to COVID-19.

If you have symptoms of the coronavirus, including a runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, fever and in severe cases, difficulty breathing, the Maine CDC says you should call your doctor before going in so that they can prepare for your arrival. The Maine CDC continues to update with new information daily. Keep checking on our mobile app or website to get the latest.

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