Part of the charm of Movie Mom is that she refuses to see scary movies. She often says, 'You're on your own.' But she went to see THIS scary movie...

Movie Mom saw ' A Cure for Wellness' because she really likes the director (Pirates of the Caribbean). She thought it was an amazing looking movie that made no sense. She did not recommend. Plus, if you are afraid of the dentist - DO NOT GO! Apparently, there is a scene that will freak you right out!


Then Matt Damon stars in 'The Great Wall'. Another really gorgeous movie with a lot on the screen, but no story. She said at PG-13, middle school and up is fine. But again, couldn't recommend it.

And then Movie Mom's toughest movie to get through, 'First Fight' with Ice Cube and Charlie Day. She really likes both actors, but thought this was the dumbest movie going. Just stupid, stupid, stupid about a fight between two teachers after school.

Out on DVD is a best picture nominee, 'Arrival'. Movie Mom says be sure to see this! And the great movie 'Edge of Seventeen'. Even though it's about a 17-year-old, it is NOT for middle school or younger. Very adult themes.

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