Movie Mom says if you haven't read the book, 'Wonder' you should. And you should see this movie..


It's not 'Mask' from the 80's with Cher. It's less about the star and his deformed face, but more about the reaction to his face. It explores all sides of the topic...


Movie Mom loved the book and the movie. She really thought Julia Roberts knocked it out of the ballpark!

Then for those who want their superheros, there's 'Justice League'. It's getting mixed  reviews with critics, but Movie Mom really enjoyed it. She appreciated the fact, that the stars of the movie weren't depressed and that there was a little humor!

Then there's a great family movie called 'The Star'. It's about the nativity scene, from the animals perspective. Great voice talent. How great? The three camels that the wise men ride are voiced by: Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Tracy Morgan. Oh, I want to go just for the camels!

Not much on video, but you don't need it with so much at the movies!

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