The beloved Maine drink, Moxie, seems to either be a love it or hate it beverage. Personally, I enjoy the taste of a nice cold Moxie, but my boyfriend on the other hand, disagrees with my opinion, to the point we actually got in a little argument about the drink.

No matter what your opinion is about Moxie, it is celebrated annually in the state of Maine.

That's right, year after year Maine has a Moxie Festival with a parade, fireworks, vendors, and even live music.

At the end of March 2023, more information came out about this year's Moxie Festival, the official dates have been announced as well as the theme for this year's fest.

According to The Moxie Festival's Facebook page, this year's theme will be trippy and even a bit groovy, as they are inspiring this year's festival after the '60s and '70s. What exactly is the theme this year? Well, it will be "Three Days of Peace, Love & Moxie!"

Of course, you can dress the part for this year's theming if you want to. If you are up to matching this years theme you may want to dig in your closets (or even head to a thrift store) to find something that is orange and resembles the '60s or '70s.

The Moxie Festival is happening in Lisbon, Maine, from Friday, July 7th to Sunday, July 9th.

You can find more information on the festival and stay up to date on all the events that will be happening there this year on the festival's website.

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