With all the news lately about airlines and their treatment of passengers, here's something that happened to my son on his first flight that shows the friendliness and generosity of flight crews.

Jake is now 10-years-old and enjoying his April vacation with his grandparents and mom in Aruba. It's the first time he's ever flow on a plane and the flight crew treated him like royalty.

As he walked down the jet bridge to board the plane with his carry-on, the pilot smiled at him as his mom told him it was his first flight. He then asked Jake, "Can I show you something really cool? Follow me!" and took him right into the cockpit.

Jake in Cockpit 2


He had Jake sit right in the pilot's seat, next to the co-pilot who said "Let's show him our Christmas tree,' and started throwing switches as instruments and indicators lit up. Jake was completely thrilled and it made his trip that much more enjoyable, just in case Aruba wasn't going to be fun enough.


Jake in Cockpit

A big thanks to the crew of this JetBlue flight that went out of their way to make a boy on his first flight completely comfortable. It's a good reminder that for every story you see on the news or social media about incidents with crew and passengers on a flight that does not turn out well, there are plenty of other moments like this that you don't see.

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