No. Remnants of the Terminator was not found.


According to Seacoast Online, Selena Galleshaw was on a bike ride near Seapoint Beach when she wanted to stretch on the closed beach. It was sunset and she thought she saw a SKULL! But it wasn't quite right.

Kittery Police Station

Well, that led to some great headlines and the police investigating. Yup. That's a metal skull alright. They put it in their lost and found. So the question is, what the hell is a metal skull doing on the beach? That's when Josh Dow saw the story and thought, hey...that's one of my skulls!

Is Josh a weirdo that collects metal skulls? No, he's a metal worker who MAKES metal skulls and this one was from a Halloween fire art performance almost 10 years ago.

Josh is a 'metal master' at Green Foundry, in Eliot, and he recognized his work. He made these skulls to sell on Etsy. Some had vampire teeth, mohawks and horns.

Josh Dow

The skull found was from a 'big, fiery Halloween performance and show.' Cool.

Josh Dow

Well, well, well...mystery solved. It was either from a Halloween fire art show OR the Terminator is real and was in Kittery!