Vaping has seen an incredible surge in popularity in recent years as traditional smoking numbers have declined. But that has posed a unique problem for schools across the country, is it time to change the rules to include vaping with smoking? If some Maine lawmakers have their way, the answer will be yes.

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According to the Portland Press Herald, a bill is being proposed that would ban all vaping products and e-cigarettes on public school grounds in Maine. That ban would coincide with a similar ban on traditional tobacco products that already exists.

Newly-elected Governor Janet Mills pledged to spend budget money on helping to curb tobacco use amongst Maine's younger generation, and banning vaping and e-cigs from public school grounds would back up her declaration. If the bill is passed and implemented, the next question will become, how is it enforced and what are the penalties?

Traditional smoking penalties at Maine public schools have been left up to the teacher or principal's discretion. Warnings, detentions or even suspensions have always been on the table for discipline. But with vaping devices, it gets a little trickier. Some vaping devices are expensive, and could cause potential problems if they're attempted to be confiscated. It's likely to be part of the debate as the legislature attempts to decide whether vaping should be banned on public school grounds in Maine.

What do you think? Do you think banning vaping and e-cigarettes on public school grounds in Maine is a good idea?

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