For the past few years, the New England Patriots and the Kraft Family have provided meals, gear, and donations to help the unhoused population here in New England.

Just last week, Portland’s neighborhood center Preble Street posted on Facebook thanking the organization for donating special coats to homeless shelters and social service agencies throughout New England once again.

The Patriots organization and Kraft family donated unique coats to Preble Street to help keep the Portland homeless community warm this winter.

What’s so special about the coats?

They’re Empowerment Plan coats that are specially designed to function as both a warm and water-resistant winter jacket as well as a sleeping bag.

Empowerment Plan

As mentioned in an article by the Patriots, Empowerment Plan coats were designed by Veronika Scott who first started by hand-delivering coats to the homeless population in Detroit. The nonprofit now hires folks living on the streets and has employed more than 50 individuals.

In the article, Veronika shares: “It started off by creating coats that turn into sleeping bags that we handed out for those living on the streets. But then it quickly became about hiring people that would need the coats in the first place and creating job opportunity that helps them get to that stable point in their life that they’ve always wanted.”

You can follow the nonprofit’s journey here on Facebook.

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