New England Patriots player, Justin Herron, is being hailed a hero after saving a woman from a sexual assault on Saturday.

Justin Herron is an offensive lineman for the New England Patriots. He was near a park in Temple, Arizona when he heard cries for help reports CNN.

Herron as well as another bystander followed the cries for help and discovered a 30-year-old man attempting to sexually assault a 71-year-old woman.

Being a professional football player, Herron towers at 6'5" tall and is an intimidating presence that he doesn't take lightly stating, "I try not to be too aggressive with individuals, knowing that I could potentially hurt somebody." But in this case, he knew he had to act.

In a press conference, Herron spoke of reuniting with the victim. He said that he was happy to see her again but heartbroken over the trauma she is working through.

For sexual assault services in Maine, visit the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault for various services available throughout the state here.

The Maine 24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline is: 1-800-871-7741

For sexual assault services in New Hampshire, visit the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence website here for resources here.

The New Hampshire 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline is: 1-800-277-5570

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