Ah, 2004. Simpler times, right? The third Harry Potter movie came out, Martha Stewart was sentenced to prison, the Summer Olympics happened in Greece, and to make myself feel old, I started High School that fall.

Another thing that happened was the introduction of a young singer by the name of JoJo from Foxborough, Massachusetts. Her song "Leave (Get Out)" is what really put her on the map. According to Wikipedia, she was just 13 years old at the time and found her way to the top of the Billboard Pop songs chart making her the youngest solo artist in history to have done so.

Please take a moment for a walk down memory lane...

(If that isn't a time capsule of the teen girl style of that era, I don't know what is.)

JoJo is still making music and now that she's living that #quarantine life like the rest of us she decided to revisit the song that made her a star. Only this time she wants you to stay inside and practice social distancing.

It's actually pretty fantastic and the girl's pipes have only improved since her early teenage years. Check it out below! I'd give you an NSFW warning, but you shouldn't be at work anyway!

So stay in, right now! Do it for humanity like JoJo and the CDC, and the WHO has been saying all along!

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