It's no question that our pets often become our best friends in life. We don't typically consider the possibility that we'll outlive them either.

This pandemic has had an interesting impact on animal shelters nationwide. On one hand, many animals got adopted simply because people are home more and want a quarantine buddy. On the other, with pet owners being ill, hospitalized, or dying from COVID-19, animals have needed homes.

Ms. Jennifer is not your typical housecat or Fido. Ms. Jennifer is a 53-year-old tortoise from Massachusetts. She found herself at a shelter after her owner died earlier this week of COVID-19, according to WMTW.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or MSPCA, is where Ms. Jennifer went after her owner went into the hospital. After her owner's passing the MSPCA put out a call to action to get the hard-shell gal a forever home. Thankfully, it caught the attention of media outlets all around New England.

Fortunately, according to Mass Live, they received an outporing of applications so it looks like Ms. Jennifer should find a home in no time.

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