If you've passed by City Hall, you've likely seen the iconic orange scooter parked outside.

What you may not know is the fact that it belongs to Mayor Ethan Strimling. He rolls around the city of Portland on his classy mode of transportation, so it's not hard to keep track of him if you spy his scooter about town.

The newly created @scooterofportland does just that. Its bio reads, "I am the Mayors Scooter. They see me scootin'... they hatin' 🎶"

The account invites submissions of residents' sightings of the mayor's scooter around town using the hashtag #ptldmyrscooter.

In addition to keeping tabs on the mayor's whereabouts, @scooterofportland wants to see other scooters around town. Portland's a great city in which to scoot, so I'm sure @scooterofportland will have no shortage of pictures sent to its inbox. It's like a city wide game of I Spy!


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