Settle a fight for the Q Morning Show...


This is so weird. I CLEARLY see this as orange, but both Brittany and Jeff said yellow. They also said yellow, like I was insane for thinking it's orange.


I asked someone else in the office and they also clearly saw orange. I'm not sure this is going to be the great 'dress' debate...but...

Okay, it's mostly for me. I just want to know if I'm the insane one or if I work with insane people.

To me THIS is yellow. The above is orange.


Are there more pressing matters in the world? Of course...but bragging rights in an office is a big deal. Plus, I have concerns that my brain processes SO differently than my co-workers. Actually, I'm thrilled with that most of the time.

So settle it up - what color do you see on the top photo inside the circle?