It seems like lobster fishermen in Maine have been on a run of breaking the odds pulling up rare lobsters off the coast of Maine. One of the rarest lobsters to find in a trap is an orange lobster like one fisherman did on June 2. Sure, one orange lobster is rare. But what about two orange lobsters?

Just nine days after an orange lobster was pulled up in a trap where it was the only lobster inside, Maine lobsterman Captain Peter Pray grabbed TWO orange lobsters in the same trap!

The odds of catching an orange lobster are 1 in 30 million. I'm no mathematician, but I would hazard to guess that catching two lobsters is even rarer. Pray did a quick cellphone interview about his catch right on the docks by Harbor Fish Market.

Believe it or not, despite the odds, this is not the first time two orange lobsters have been found together.

According to Fox 13 in Tampa, Florida, two orange lobsters were found in a container of lobsters shipped from Maine to seafood market in Clearwater in September of 2022. They were named Sonny and Cher and were sent to a nearby aquarium saved from the pot of boiling water.

The fate of these two orange lobsters hasn't been announced of this writing than to say they will not be sold. We're guessing they'll go to the University of New England to be studied like the orange lobster caught earlier in June was.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Is it really that rare when this seems to happen so often?" Harbor Fish Market answered that question on Facebook saying, "It’s very rare. Last week a local lobsterman caught one. Both of ours were caught in the same trap, can’t ever remember that happening out of millions of Maine lobsters and probably won’t see it again."

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