A new law has gone into effect that allows Maine hunters to wear bright red instead of blaze orange for religious reasons.

According to WCSH 6, the bill was signed into law after Amish in For Fairfield approached their state representative to say they wouldn't wear blaze orange while hunting. That's when a bill went through the legislature and passed narrowly.

Fort Fairfield is home to a Swartzentruber Amish community, one of the most conservative Amish groups. They prefer very plain clothing without bright colors. They even take issue with the orange triangle required for slow moving vehicles typically seen on Amish carriages.

There's some concern from hunters that this could create a dangerous situation as hunters are trained to look for the familiar blaze orange as well as this law opening up the ability for anyone to claim they want to wear bright red for religious reasons.

How do you feel about this new law allowing bright red clothing to be worn by hunters for religious reasons?


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