I feel like we just got the news that longtime bar The Snug in Portland, Maine, decided to close their doors. I also feel like we hit the weekend, and suddenly already found out what's going in there next...a sports bar.

According to pressherald.com, new owners Sasha Salzberg, Evan Carroll, and Ian Daly have high hopes to open up the new Jerome’s Sports Bar by January.

“There’s a need for a sports bar in Portland,” Daly said. “It’s just a bar I’d like to hang out at.”

This is pretty cool. With Rivalries closed, there's not too many other bars around town that give you that sports bar kind of vibe (besides maybe Foreplay). I like this. I'm excited to see what it does.

It's also pretty cool to see Margaret Lyons (owner of The Snug) move on with such a positive attitude. In her Instagram post, she said,

"They have a new vision but I have the utmost faith that you'll love what they get up to".


There's still no official closure date to report, but considering the new sport's bar's tentative launch date was announced for January, I'm assuming the Snug will be closed sooner rather than later.

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