It's always cool to see a new spot pop up in Portland, Maine, that isn't your typical bar. Industry turnover has been happening so much lately, but a place like this is how you set yourself apart in Portland from all the other new restaurants & bars: add quirkiness.

This is Rebel Munchies & Libations, a brand-new '90s-inspired cocktail bar that sounds like it's also the new spot to grab a great steak and cheese. They're officially open for business at 649 Congress St, and are ready to tag team the streets of Portland with a steak and cheese sami in one hand, and a cocktail in the other. Let me explain.

I like how Portland Old Port breaks it all down for us by grabbing this quote:

"90 babies, this one’s for you as Rebel Munchies & Libations' Owner Peter Murphy has created the ultimate throwback experience at this new cocktail bar and cheesesteak destination. Step into a world of 90s nostalgia with VHS tapes, Nickelodeon slime, dinosaur toys, and even tables lined with Pokémon and baseball cards."

According to, there's some really cool history behind how this place earned its stripes.
"Rebel Enterprises LLC started as a cheesesteak food cart located in Portland Maine in the spring of 2019. Owned and operated by known town goofball, Peter Murphy, Rebel quickly found their niche for off-beat humor, surprisingly average customer service, shockingly mediocre food, and unfunny sarcasm. Lucky enough to be invited to several local businesses and a few out-of-town ones too, Rebel made the leap in the spring of 2023 with the dream to open their own brick & mortar Rebel Munchies & Libations. Rebel’s mission will always be to have fun and party on. Can’t wait to have you be a part of it! "


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