It would be heartbreaking to see this building torn down...but that's what is probably going to happen.


According to the Portland Press Herald, the new owners who bought the building back in 2019 for 2.1 million, actually bought up a bunch of property in the area of Brian Boru. They are looking for permits from Portland for demolition. The request was incomplete, so they are reviewing new paperwork.

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MEMIC, through its subsidiary, Casco View Holdings, is the owner and they have not responded to the Press Herald regarding plans for the area. Things have been bounced around from a parking garage to office buildings. But that little red building that has held so many celebrations and seen so many pints of Guinness, is not part of any of the plans.

The owner of Brian Boru, Daniel Steele, said before he sold it that he hoped they wouldn't tear it down. Or just move it instead of tearing it down. They even had several people try and lease it. But nothing happened. There could be some last minute attempts to save the building - but for appears it will be torn down.

And our hearts will be broken to see another piece of Portland history torn down with it. Then it's just up to us, who were lucky enough to have it part of our lives, to tell others the tales of the awesome Irish pub with an attitude.



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