At first, I hated the way the Portland food scene was ever-changing. I'd fall in love with a restaurant or bagel shop, and before I knew it, I'd turn around and it would be vacant with a 'Coming Soon' sign. However, lately I've learned to embrace the revolving door we call a food scene here in Maine, because it really just means you get to try something new every so often.

According to portlandfoodmap's instagram, there's a potential new restaurant to fall in love with coming to town by the summertime (hopefully).

If you've ever heard of Twelve or the cool glass restaurant right on the corner of Fore street called Evo, well, the same operators who run those two places are the same ones opening up this new Portuguese seafood place called Douro.

What is Douro?

According to,

The Douro wine region is tucked in the mountainous northeast of Portugal. Vines are grown on the steep, terraced hills that rise above the Douro River, producing grapes for classic fortified Port wines and, increasingly, excellent Douro table wines.

As portlandfoodmap said,

"Douro will be an all-day seafood restaurant with a Portuguese-inspired menu with a large selection of wines by the glass as well as classic cocktails and non-alcoholic drink options. Twelve executive chef Colin Wyatt and pastry chef Georgia Macon are in the early stages of developing a menu so stay tuned for further details.
The 3,300 sq ft restaurant is being designed in a collaboration between Prentice staff and Woodhull Commercial Studio".

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