Tugboat Inn Restaurant’s new rooftop bar has only been open five weeks, and it's a hit!

The Boothbay Register says that the rooftop just opened up on June 23 and has a great menu, a stocked bar and a view that can't be beat.

They have been working on this project for years. The roof needed fixing and then came the idea of a rooftop bar - and well, why not!

Tugboat Inn Restaurant/Facebook
Tugboat Inn Restaurant/Facebook

They really put some thought into this using what makes other rooftop bars so successful. Like using thick glass panes from the railings to the floor to not block any of the view. They even have a 16-foot fire pit in the middle with a seating area next to it, according to the Boothbay Register.

It's new, so it's packed. But management also knows that packing the place is the view and great food and drinks.

They won't soon forget opening day on June 23, because it hailed three times - an omen...but not a bad one!


If you find yourself in the Boothbay Harbor, stop by and have a drink and a view that will make you fall in love with Maine all over again.

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