A new state law that went into effect last Thursday requires that any and all CBD infused foods and drinks sold in Maine must now be made with locally grown hemp, according to an article in the Press Herald.

The law was put in place to allow the state to continue to sell CBD infused drinks and foods and kind of work around a federal ban which says no CBD products can be sold in a state using out of state hemp, the paper reports, meaning the sale of food products containing CBD imported from another state is prohibited.

The new law has made local hemp farmers happy, according to the article, as they believe it will be more lucrative for them. The hemp industry has really taken off over just the past three years in Maine.

The Press Herald reports that in 2016 there were only two farmers cultivating a quarter of an acre of hemp, but now there are 165 state licensed hemp farmers cultivating about 2,700 acres.





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