It's like Uber, but for outdoor adventures!

There are so many outdoorsy activities to choose from in vacationland that it can sometimes be overwhelming to do all the research and deciding yourself. Now, Back 40 Adventures is here to save the day. The new business connects adventurers with expert guides, giving them the ability to book a host for an outdoor adventure they may not have otherwise known about.

According to necn, each guide must demonstrate navigational skills, have first-aid certification, and pass a series of tests through the state of Maine.

"There are a handful of places in Maine that people know, but there's more to Maine," Back 40 Adventures co-founder Henry Gilbert said. "Our goal is to foster connections between adventure seekers and guides."

On their website, adventure seekers can browse a wide variety of active expeditions from photography to climbing, from fly fishing to gold prospecting. It's a perfect opportunity for anyone to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.

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