Over the winter Lee Nelson did a photoshoot for the L.L. Bean Summer Catalog...and it's out!


The Portland Press Herald says that Lee who is 58 is working two careers: fitness trainer and model. His first gig was for L.L. Bean. That's like saying your first acting job landed you an Oscar. Models crave to work for Beans because of the prestige and the location is usually warm California.

Caron Bryan

Not this time. This photoshoot (thanks to Covid) was done in Maine over a couple of days in January. Because they wanted to stay in Maine, Beans was thrilled to find out Lee Nelson was a retired newsman (30 years in the biz) and an aspiring model! Caron Bryan, the owner of Port City Models and Talent is Lee's agent and was so proud he was picked for the job!

Caron Bryan

Lee is also in the behind-the-scenes video L.L. Bean put up on Instagram!

To get the job, Lee put on some of his Bean stuff and shot a video talking about L.L. Bean. As he put it, who doesn't own something from Beans? Very true Lee, we just don't have a body that won't quit and mesmerizing blue eyes. Now, go grab your catalog and find the man!

Caron Bryan

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