If you're a middle or high school girl, you live with the fear of a "time of the month" accident - whether it's starting your period unexpectedly, the horror of insufficient coverage or the simple socially awkward situation of asking a stranger if they have pads or tampons you could use.

Periods are not only an unpleasant reality for women as they enter adulthood, but it's a horribly taboo topic in our culture. It's bad enough that we live in fear that our hoo-ha's will bleed on everything we wear, but it's also completely unacceptable to discuss or even mention it openly. We whisper and mumble, embarrassed about this thing that effects every single one of us!

New Hampshire lawmakers are doing their part to fight the stigma surrounding menstruation. The "Period Poverty" bill passed Wednesday requiring all New Hampshire middle and high school to provide menstrual products in female and gender enutral bathrooms free of charge, according to nhpr.org. The bill was spear-headed by Rochester high schooler Caroline Dillon, who said her peers would skip school when they couldn't afford tampons or pads.

I vote Maine follows suit!

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