Honestly, I watch his videos and the following questions immediately race through my mind:

How can he drink so quickly?

How is he not 500 pounds of beer belly?

How is he still standing?

How much does his liver hate him?

Does he even get hangovers anymore?

How can I figure out such a genius side hustle?

I wonder if he'd want to be friends with me?

In all seriousness, since he's Portsmouth, New Hampshire, born and raised, there's probably no way that you haven't seen him pop across your TikTok or Instagram feed while scrolling and swiping at some point.

ronnydoitche via Instagram
ronnydoitche via Instagram

Ronny Doitche

If you live in Northern New England, or at least venture out to Portsmouth a decent amount, there's a chance you've been in the presence of a legend without even realizing it. Ronny Doitche has literally become a viral social media sensation in the most random (and impressive) way:

Chugging beer. He's literally the champion of chugging beer and no one can touch him. So, not only does he own it, but he has fun with it.

Beer Chugging Challenges

Most recently, Ronny has been seen either tailgating at New England Patriots games and Buffalo Bills playoff games (before both their seasons ended) challenging people to chugging contests, where he put $100 of his own money up against $20 of challengers money in a chugging contest (which got him viral attention on The Mirror.)

On top of making money during random tailgate challenges, Ronny has some random fun with his talent as well, including dressing up as random characters from movies either for those tailgate challenges, or making up completely random challenges on his own.

Like the time he dressed up as Happy Gilmore's former boss, Mr. Larson, in the Happy Gilmore movie then took part in his custom "18 beers, 18 dogs, 18 holes" challenge where he crushed a beer and hot dog before each of 18 holes during a round of golf (which got him viral attention on BroBible.)

UMass Amherst Parties

If you're from New England or have been here for a while, you already know that UMass Amherst down in Amherst, Massachusetts, has a reputation for being one of, if not, the biggest party school in the area.

ronnydoitche via Instagram
ronnydoitche via Instagram

Which makes perfect sense for Ronny to head down to campus (on a C&J Bus, because beer chugging legends drink responsibly) to take in a game and a couple of parties, all after warming up by downing six beers in 45 seconds while practicing his flip cup skills.

Heroes chug forever, but legends self-deprecate while narrating their own videos.

Someone get this man a banana bag of Liquid IV.

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