Off the heels of the mega-popular NES Classic Edition that was flying off the shelves last holiday season, Nintendo has apparently decided to head back to their treasure trove once again for another mini-system. According to EuroGamer, Nintendo will release a similar SNES Classic Edition in time for the 2017 holiday season.

Old school gaming fans will rejoice at the chance to once again relive a piece of their youth. Perhaps Nintendo themselves will learn a lesson from the feedback they received after the launch of the NES Classic. Presumably, Nintendo will load the SNES Classic with at least 30 games like the NES Classic, and hopefully, the ability to have expansion packs unlike what the NES Classic offered.

The sticking issue for Nintendo initially was paying additional rights fees for games that were 25-30 years old. Nintendo loaded the NES Classic with only games that they had controllable rights to. But would fans of the old school systems be willing to pay extra for an expansion pack of 15 games from Konami or Tecmo? The answer is probably going to come back yes.

As for now, it appears the SNES Classic will have a release date sometime in November. Nintendo will almost certainly not make the same mistake with supply as they did with the NES Classic. At least we hope.

So are you excited for the SNES Classic? What games would you absolutely have to have on this "new" system? By the way, if you're curious about the original history of the SNES, check out this amazing video courtesy of Classic Gaming Quarterly.

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