In trying to listen to the experts I was being good and filling my car with gas. So I pulled into the Irving on Main Street in South Portland. I couldn't believe what they said!

First of all there were actual lines! So when an opening happened I hopped to it. I slipped the credit card in, my Irving rewards card and then a woman came out and said very loudly:


Whaaa? Then she started slipping yellow bags on the nozzles...

All thirteen pumps were out. I have NEVER seen that. Wha happened? I have no clue. I ended up doing what I hate and getting gas in Falmouth and paying 25 cents more a gallon. (by the way - I meant to take a picture, but took a video)

So, the stores were packed, there were lines at the gas stations. Anything unusual happen to you? Comment below or on Facebook or  #PortlandMEJuno.

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